WOW Residential Program Feedback – October 2016

I shared stories about life and love with some amazing women. I look forward to a positive future that helps me and my community.


I will remember how special it feels to be connected to so many powerful women committed to making this planet a better place for all. I will value the gift of silence – knowing when to be still and not saying anything; not feeling that l have to fill the space during every conversation and to honour the other person with my silence.


I will practice the gift of mindfulness to develop clarity, raising my level of vibration so that l attract universal energy to achieve anything and everything.


Coming to this retreat has reminded me that we all need to stop, recalibrate, listen to our inner voices and re-centre.


Impactful… meaningful… I will remember that women are all vulnerable but together we are supportive and powerful. Its ok to be a warrior. I have acceptance for who l am.


I will remember all the wonderful women from this retreat and the feeling of inspiration is not even quantifiable. I feel renewed and excited for the future, which is nearly completely opposite to what l usually feel!


I will remember the gorgeous people l have met, the feelings of love, support and generosity. The power of choice… the opportunity to be gracious and release intent.. I will remember my internal mission and vision and the power l have to shift humanity. The reaffirming energy that l am on the right path already!


I will remember the camaraderie of the group of women and the value of sharing; everyone has such amazing stories.


The strong women that l have been surrounded by have inspired me! This experience has been supportive and given me the opportunity to clear my head enough to make positive change immediately. I will be clear about my intentions and follow through with my decisions.


I will remember the heart connections, the safe and sacred space to be authentic and vulnerable and to be able to hear other women’s stories. I will practice being kind to myself and to use meditation daily and to go into my silence and see the answers. To take my own hand and take those first steps.


I value the wonderful women I have met at this retreat and embrace self empathy and compassion. I am reminded that all the knowledge resides insides within. I will practice the spirit of generosity and gratitude.