Residential Conference: Personal Leadership and Building Resilience

Stay tuned for our 2017 schedule!

This Women of Worth (WOW) workshop is for women who find themselves leading in diverse environments: in community, with family, or in the workplace.

In a relaxing environment surrounded by nature, this is an opportunity for personal exploration, inspirational connections and diverse sharing of experience, allowing time and space for an experiential learning process.

This program is about personal mastery and a reconnection to the unique contribution you make in this world. Nurturing fearlessness to create stability in the face of unpredictability, and the expectation to juggle multiple demands.

This is time to learn how to increase your capacity for compassion and build stamina and resilience, leading to strong and healthy relationships. Give yourself some time out to cultivate inner renewal, and the ongoing ability to transform stress.

By turning your vision within, you find stillness where previously unidentified strengths and skills are found. To become courageous leaders we need to explore:

  • Who am I? (Separate from the identity imposed on me over time…)
  • What do I stand for?
  • What do I deeply value?
  • Where am I going to next?
  • What is my purpose and contribution?

Time is so precious …. therefore take time for yourself in this 2-day residential workshop, in beautiful and tranquil bushland settings, for enquiry and discovery. Combine time out for yourself, with an opportunity for building self belief and the foundations for inspirational leadership…. During these 2 days of personal enquiry in a relaxed and nurturing environment, there will be opportunities to recognise the achievements you have made on your journey, and acknowledge just how far we as women have come. It is a celebration…

Facilitators: Annalise Jennings and Christine Mahoney

We have 3 decades of experience working as facilitators in diverse environments that include supporting and empowering women in their personal and professional growth. Our style of facilitation stems from working with corporate leaders, and an experiential learning approach that draws on a vast background of creativity from working in the performing arts industry.

Between us we have facilitated over 1,000 women in corporate and community programs that have included the development of self-awareness, empowerment and inspirational leadership.
A wonderful balance of enquiry, creative fun and skills development….

Stay tuned for our 2017 schedule!

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Above are photos and participant feedback from our October 2016 Residential Program. See all feedback from the 2016 program here

Women of Worth Program - October 2016Women of Worth Program - October 2016Women of Worth Program - October 2016