Risk Culture Award Winning Program

For the first time, we have been awarded at the 19th Annual Australian Business Excellence Awards. Winning a Systems Excellence Award for outstanding Risk Management systems – the Operational Risk & Compliance Culture program and the Risk Essentials course are key contributors to the win.

The Awards recognise excellence in business improvement in all entities – from local councils, not-for-profit groups, small businesses to large listed companies. ANZ was amongst more than 100 leading Australian companies and public sector organisations competing for a place, all of which were rigorously peer assessed and had their performance measured against international best business practices.

‘These are very tough awards, and only the elite meet the exacting standards to go on and win,” explains CEO of SAI Global. “ To enter the awards shows a true commitment to continuous improvement, to win an award really means an organisation can hold their own on the global stage.”

The Awards are judged across eight principles of business excellence and judged by an independent panel made up of representatives from a number of industries.

“Operational & Technology Risk (OTR), are focused on embedding a risk management culture in which all people in the Business community take ownership for Operational risk in their area of operation” says Annalise Jennings Head of OTR Education and Awareness team. Key to the design of each of the programs was the underlying desire to create a very different risk learning program for a very different organisation, driven by our company values. “To achieve this, OTR initiated and custom built our risk learning programs and worked in collaboration with Group Compliance and Breakout.

To date over 800 people from across the Group have experienced one or both of the OTR programs. The Operational Risk & Compliance Culture program integrates risk principles together with Business Unit strategy to create a mindset shift where risk becomes front of mind and part of our every day decision-making – creating a culture based on partnership and collaboration between Risk and the business. The Risk Essentials program incorporates leading edge interactive computer-based simulations of actual operational risk and compliance scenarios. These scenarios enable staff to learn about and assess the consequences of business decisions in a risk-free environment and get a real sense of how good risk management practices is integral to a businesses success.

Global Business Excellent Awards

Business Excellence Award: Collecting awards are Gary Towers and Annalise Jennings, together with Chairman of SAI Global.