There have been moments when your mind has been clear. When you were fully present, fully alive, or fully in love. Open mind – open heart, that’s inevitable.

But when the mind is cloudy the light of the heart cannot shine clearly into your world. You are confused, frustrated, low in energy and don’t function well.

Here is how you can clear your thoughts, how you can dissolve the clouds of stressful beliefs to enjoy the brilliance and peace of truly ‘living’.

Our Life skills Programs offer people from all walks of life with a variety of unique and evolutionary approaches that deliver powerful lessons in life skills principles and values to enhance our personal lives.

Our programs are fun, interactive and thought provoking… sharing important skills such as resilience, self-responsibility and self-esteem.


Annalise’s programs have swept through communities, schools and organisations in Australia and abroad touching the lives of thousands of people

Her Work consists of simple questions which you can use to examine a more mindful state of ‘living’.

Dynamic Exchange does not offer any counselling or relationship education as part of its service.