Whole of community change program

“Doing things with people. Not to them.”

Whole of Community Change begins with extensive community engagement, the identification of core community values and the creation of a community owned vision and blueprint.

The program has evolved over the past 5 years through extensive engagement across many Cape York communities with a clear concept emerging…

that spiritual growth when aligned to economic opportunity, provides the fundamental basis for social transformation

The results are extraordinary…

  • 40% increase in community owned infrastructure

  • 60% increase in employment

Our ‘Whole of Community Change’ framework opens the door to a new leadership structure where government meets community priorities and where infrastructure and services are delivered by the community.  Where the community take direct responsibility and every sector of the community is engaged, valued and has a voice.   Dynamic Exchange is all about people helping each other. Corporate, government and Indigenous leaders coming together to share their skills and knowledge to create real change.

Organisations:  Our vision is to engage like minded organisations who seek to advance their social responsibility agendas..   to work collaboratively with communities, government and strategic partners who share a mutual goal to leverage the wisdom of indigenous cultures  and meld our collective philosophies in lasting reconciliation

Progressive policy: Government are seeking greater collaboration with service providers, strategic partners and indigenous agendas.   Queensland Government has recognised the significance of our process in its Indigenous Economic Policy

Indigenous communities are reaching out to engage in the philosophy of community ownership and self determination to improve their social and economic outcomes

The time is right to engage in a values based process that builds a strong mutual understanding between community, government and strategic partners.

Listen to an inspiring ABC radio segment
Listen to an inspiring 5 minute broadcast on the ABC.

“We have embarked on a journey that has played a big role in restarting my respect for politicians and the political process in Australia. We have proved to ourselves and hopefully the rest of Australia that indigenous communities can and must be the shapers of their destinies. This is a radical new way of thinking / a process that l feel honoured to have been a part of.”

Quote: Napranum Community Elder

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To read a full case study of the Napranum Community Whole of Change experience, click here: Case_Study_Naparanum_Aboriginal_Shire-1