Northern Peninsula Area

We work with your community to create a community blueprint against which all future government policy, services and infrastructure must be aligned.

“Doing things with people. Not to them”.

The program begins with extensive community engagement, the identification of core community values and the creation of a community owned vision. The program has it fundamental premise in:

  • Raising awareness of the power of self belief
  • Community engagement and ownership
  • Providing opportunity with responsibility
  • A shift from institutionalised intervention to true community ownership

10 Year Plan

The concept of the plan is this: it is created by community members and implemented by community members.

It is not created for the community by an outside entity. Rather, Mayor Bernard Charlie has contacted independent consultant Annalise Jennings, to work with our communities to create a plan that will suit them, to achieve the region’s common goals, to make a plan that reflects what the community want.

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10 Year Plan Continued

This vision began at the community grassroots level, capturing the voice of our united region. The detailed plan and report will be submitted to our elected council early December. From there the way forward lies with each of us individually, and as a region.

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