Leaders collaboration program

 “We have embarked on a journey that has played a big role in restarting my respect for politicians and the political process in Australia.  We have proved to ourselves and hopefully the rest of Australia that indigenous communities can and must be the shapers of their destinies.  This is a radical new way of thinking / a process that l feel honoured to have been a part of”

The vision begins at the community grassroots level, capturing the voice of the region. Here we take away personal barriers, let our guard down and put aside our own agendas to work together on one equal level.

Open space discussion. Networking and deliberation:

  • Bringing together community leaders, service providers and government to identify priorities
  • Greater community ownership and empowerment
  • Raise awareness of the core topics that impact upon the viability and integrity of the community
  • Establish principles of ‘self’ governance
  • Enable community growth and economic development to secure the community for future generations
  • Identify visionary plans – Determine goals for the future development and direction of the community