Getting involved

The time is right to engage in a values based process that builds a strong mutual understanding between community, government and strategic partners

How can you get involved?



Our vision is to engage like minded organisations who seek to advance their social responsibility agendas..   to work collaboratively with communities, government and strategic partners who share a mutual goal to leverage the wisdom of indigenous cultures  and meld our collective philosophies in lasting reconciliation. You can get involved by:

  • Partnering a community by building communities from ‘within’. The social capital attaching to this support is immeasurable .. Implement Whole of Community Change.
  • Building the most diverse and inclusive workforce by leveraging the wisdom, knowledge and integrity of indigenous people by breaking down common held but negative perceptions
  • Building employment capability of indigenous people by demonstrating progression of individuals and communities and improving indigenous employment retention in the corporate workforce



Government are seeking greater collaboration with service providers, strategic partners and indigenous agendas.   Queensland Government has recognised the significance of our process in its Indigenous Economic Policy. If you are:

  • Seeking greater collaboration between  government, service providers and indigenous agendas
  • Government, a local Council or a community leader looking for a methodology that measures the cultural evolution of communities.
  • Looking for accurate information on what works and what doesn’t so programs and policies can be fine tuned for best outcomes
  • Seeking to highlight areas of success in a community and identify key opportunities for community restoration and change
  • Looking for a methodology that provides clear and concise insight to different societal groupings about community priorities.
  • Looking to progressively measure progress at 3, 6, 9, and 12 month intervals



Communities are reaching out to engage in the philosophy of community ownership and self determination to improve their social and economic outcome. You can get involved by:

  • Implementing Whole of Community Change 
  • Increase your community owned infrastructure and services
  • Doubling your employment opportunities by building capability and leadership skills from ‘within’
  • Increasing community owned business enterprise



Be involved in creating a new narrative for indigenous peoples…   a narrative of empowerment, ownership and self determination

Dynamic Exchange's Annalise Jennings and participants in a Young Adults Leadership and Capability Program