Women of Worth Program

Throughout life’s journey there are times when we must go where we have never gone before – with only our inner resources to guide us. Transition is at the heart of this experience.

Self-awareness and personal reflection are essential aspects for inspirational leadership. Standing in ownership of your achievements, with the knowledge that the outcomes you strive for are the result of your full commitment to, and alignment with your values, brings a deep sense of inner satisfaction.

Dynamic Exchange’s Women of Worth program provides an opportunity to identify and experience the source of that which gives you courage, and the clarity to move forward – whilst taking others with you.

This program has engaged thousands of women from all walks of life and all strata of society across the globe.

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Program Facilitators – Our Expertise


Annalise JenningsAnnalise is a highly experienced business and community strategist who uses risk culture and governance principles to deliver sustainable outcomes across various industry sectors and community organisations, locally and globally. She spent 25 years in Corporate Banking, where as a senior manager, she won an international business excellence award.

Annalise’s programs are a combination of strategy formulation and mindset-shifting activities, through practices of ‘Mindfulness, Visualisation and Mentoring.’ Over the past 20 years she has designed and delivered a range of programs including Risk Culture, Women of Worth and ‘Community Restoration and Change’. She is the creator of Whole of Community Change – a blue print for economic development, social change and spiritual growth, designed to bring about social transformation and self determination for indigenous communities.

Recently made an adopted daughter of Napranum Elder Maryann Coconut’s tribal land, her Aboriginal name Kili is represented by the lorikeet, the messenger between heaven and earth. Annalise is the Director of Dynamic Exchange and is passionate about women’s empowerment.

“Annalise is a brilliant enabler of ‘deep’ business and personal transformation. Her workshops reflect her capability and competence to synthesize a variety of coaching, mentorship and leadership development philosophies, resulting in a significant mindset shift. Above all, Annalise’s passion to deliver the `right’ outcomes based on a good understanding of the `real’ needs of her clients; her generosity and her deeply spiritual value system are a winning combination for individuals, leaders and businesses to leverage.”



Christine MahoneyChristine studied at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a successful career in the performing arts.

Christine has used her skills to run workshops in developing creativity and innovation in the public and private sector. She has also run workshops for the empowerment of women across Australia and the Asia Pacific.

Christine is a specialist in conflict resolution and mediation, and is committed to assisting others to build resilience in the soul.

“Chrissy’s ability to make people feel appreciated and special is important, but her value to management and HR has far greater repercussions.”


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