Public Speaking

Make Your Event One To Remember: Book Annalise as your key note speaker

Annalise has earned the right to speak from experience. Carrying herself with grace she delivers her message with extraordinary eloquence in her chosen field and has significant learning’s to share with audiences.

Annalise delivers speeches, corporate presentations and trainings that are educational, motivational and entertaining.


With over 25 years experience in senior roles in financial services and other sectors including property and small business.  Annalise is an experienced speaker and has led business and community transformation across multiple sectors of the community.  She has extensive background in risk management, community and organisational culture.  Annalise has spoken on transformation and maximising human potential in a variety of business and community forums.

Please give us as much information as possible about your event so that we can help by creating a delivery your audience will never forget.

“Excellent presentation…. presenting a crucial recognition of the values brought to our world by indigenous communities. For here in the tribes and nations of indigenous peoples will be found the ultimate solutions so yearned for by a changing world. Be inspired and encouraged by Annalise Jennings and the profound changes being made not only by the Napranum community but also many others around the world. The “Whole of Community Change” model is powerful and we send tributes to Annalise and all the beautiful indigenous people, from whom we will learn the fundamental laws of nature and balanced human relations. On behalf of all people thank you for your incredible energy and love. Namaste.”

David Gibbons…. Broadcaster, Speaker & Transitional Media UK


Public speaking



Inaugural Launch of Universal One & The New Forest Festival of Light 25th September – October 2, 2016


Maryann Coconut Elder of Napranum and myself are speaking here next year! Keep an eye on the official website for updates and see when we are speaking here.