Annalise as the principal of Dynamic Exchange has over 25 years experience in senior roles in financial services and other sectors including property and small business.

Annalise is an experienced facilitator and has led business and community transformation in project management in large organisations and has an extensive background in risk management, community and organisational culture.   This experience has been gained through working in India, Australia & New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Since 2009, Annalise has worked extensively throughout Cape York Indigenous communities facilitating community growth, economic development and environmental sustainability.

Annalise has spoken on transformation and maximising human potential in a variety of business and community forums.

Annalise specialises in delivering organisational and community change programs.

Annalise Jennings


“The Culture programs developed and conducted by Annalise have proven to be very effective in driving business ownership of Risk.”Whilst the programs have a well developed and thought provoking conceptual framework , the real power comes from the very deliberate engagement of line management as a first step and the direct alignment of the program to the specific business strategies of the organization.

“The uniqueness of these programs is achieved by customization dependant upon the needs of the particular business but remains based upon the conceptual framework which delivers a results oriented outcome.

“This approach combined with Annalise’s skills and enthusiasm has resulted in material changes to the way in which business functions view their Risk responsibilities — importantly , the energy shown by a number of line managers following the program is testament to the quality of both the program content and Annalise in her role as program leader.”

Peter Donald  Head of Operational Risk and Technology ANZ Bank