About Us

Dynamic Exchange is a trusted partner in corporate transformation. Our specialist support is focused on:

  • working with our clients to explore shifts in performance-limiting mindsets and behaviours for improved business performance
  • working with individuals and teams to develop the skills to support this shift.
  • establishing a deeper connection and alignment between individual and organisational goals

With over 25 years experience in senior roles in financial services and an extensive background in risk management and organisational culture, we bring best practice methodologies with optimum results.

The philosophy of our programs are founded on four principles

  1. to be sustainable change must be across all sectors of the organisation
  2. viability of the organisation and leadership development are interdependent
  3. successful organisations are those that display high levels of social capital
  4. social capital is formed from an expanding shared sense of belonging and ownership

Dynamic Exchange has implemented this philosophy into corporate groups (ANZ), government agencies (Customs, QLD Government) and many aboriginal communities who seek a balance between economic development and community growth. The implementation of this approach has seen a new energy evidenced in the emergence of substantial infrastructure and employment projects.

Our programs have evolved from best practice in corporate risk management in the banking sector to be recognised as world leaders in community reformation. After 4 years of refinement in remote Cape York communities and various government agencies, our philosophy has proven to be a catalyst for economic growth and social well-being.

This integrated values based approach is specifically designed for each client group and involves extensive stakeholder engagement.

“Excellent knowledge of the subject and is passionate about influencing the culture. This is evident in the manner in which Annalise delivers outcomes. You make every effort to ensure the right stakeholders are engaged, communicate effectively and always follow up to get feedback.

“You are very customer focused and as such always deliver in an expedient manner. Reflecting on the journey in obtaining management buy-in to get the culture workshop sponsored here, you were empathetic and took into consideration every ones view points and created a “win-win” outcome.”

SN Head Of Operational Risk & Compliance Working Capital

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