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For quite a few months now, I’ve been working away on a book that’s all about my journey to date. This book will also feature the writing and story of indigenous elder Mary Ann Coconut.


In a nutshell, the book will explain how our separate paths eventually led us to developing the incredibly connection we share today.

For me, this book has been a long time in the making. Back when I started out creating programs to implement within the community, I was focused on leaving a legacy behind that my two sons could be proud of once I was no longer here.

I never could have guessed where my journey was destined to take me. When I look back at my life so far, there have been some truly challenging times. Especially after I decided to go back to university to earn a Degree that would help me to make a solid income. Of course, as I was a single mother raising children, quitting my job to study full-time was never an option.

And like so many parents out there, I found myself juggling multiple hats and at times, I remember missing the simple things. A few quiet moments to think… time to just enjoy an evening while watching a good movie… even just doing nothing!

Would I change anything about the line of work I chose to pursue? I definitely wouldn’t because at the end of the day, every step I’ve taken, every path travelled has led me to where I am today. And I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with the communities and people that welcome me with open arms.

Writing the book has brought up a lot of emotions and mixed memories for me. Some wonderful and some very challenging.  It’s seen me teleporting myself back to a time when my family had just re-located from Sicily.  We were homesick and often wondered how we’d fit it and make it all work.

I fondly remember just how determined my parents were to make the transition work. Even though we all felt like strangers in Melbourne… even though we couldn’t speak English… even though I’m sure they wanted to give up and go back to what they knew.

But my parents stayed and carved out a great future for my siblings and I. As a child, I remember loving nature and appreciating the simple things in life. In turn, this is how I grew up my two boys and I’m very proud of the men they are today.

So, while I don’t want to give away anymore about the book’s contents, writing the manuscript has made me feel very nostalgic and I couldn’t help but share this with you.

Keep your eyes out for the book – we’re still working on the title and manuscript at this point but it will be available to buy in 2016.

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