Recap: 2015 World Number 1 Entrepreneur Event

Talk to any entrepreneur or CEO and they’ll tell you one of their main aims it fast-forward their business and propel it into the future.

What amazes me most when speaking to people is how much we ignore the need to understand the principles of basic human dynamics. Without this basic level of understanding, I believe a lot of the KPIs that organisations set, are ultimately, destined to fail.

Pure human dynamics: this was the theme for my talk at the recent 2015 World Number 1 Entrepreneur Event hosted by Founder, Roger Hamilton (Fast Forward Your Business).

It was a great evening that resulted in a lot of discussion and conversation about hot topics such as tips and hints on the latest trends that every entrepreneur should be aware of.

I had a fantastic time on-stage as part of the panel and Q&A session. The venue was packed with an audience of over 500 people, all looking for guidance, inspiration and to connect with like-minded individuals. It always gives me a buzz to be in a room with such energy and so many creative people.

Here are some great pictures of the evening courtesy of Laura Manariti Photographs.




I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of the speakers on-stage and meeting them in person. When it was my turn to take center stage, I spoke about the power of language and the shift in narrative from talking about problems to speaking about potential.

I went onto explore our need to take a step back at a situation when things aren’t going quite so well… to ask ourselves these age old questions.

Who am I? 

What’s my purpose?

The power of self-belief and the importance of feeling connected to ourselves and the wider community. As leaders, it’s essential to understand and know who we are and what we stand for?

I firmly believe that this is the most significant differentiator when it comes to performance. As I said:

“In order to see a change in any organisation, each of us needs to first see change within ourselves.”

And I’ll stand by my concluding statement too:

“Never give up on your hopes and dreams, even in the face of adversity. Here’s to your success!”

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