Domestic violence – Australia’s massive, lingering problem

Let’s face it: you can’t turn on the TV or land on a website these days without another shocking story about domestic violence hitting you.

I read a Women’s Agenda article recently that stated that at current levels of government funding, almost 3,000 women trying to flee domestic violence will have to be turned away from homelessness services this year.

It’s one of those stats that honestly, leaves me speechless.

This new analysis was launched by Homelessness Australia and Fair Agenda.

If you’re anything like me, right about now, you’d be asking: wasn’t the government meant to be making domestic violence a priority?

And yet, we’re still losing so many women unnecessarily. And at the center of the issue here is the usual culprit: money.

According to the same Women’s Agenda article, federal Cabinet needs to commit $33.8 million a year to addressing this issue properly.

Granted, it’s not a small amount of money but I’m sure that if we looked closely at where money is being spent, the money could be found.


My work over the years, especially most recently in indigenous communities, has left a real mark on me. Here at Dynamic Exchange, we’ve been running the Women of Worth program for a while now.


In a nutshell, this program asks two important questions that I tend to talk about quite a lot:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?

To date, I’m proud to say the program has engaged thousands of women from all walks of life. It’s a 3 day experience of self-discovery and healing but most importantly, it’s run beside the Men of Worth program.

With so much more dialogue about domestic violence out there these days, we’ve heard many people speak out and voice that the solution needs to involve both genders. This is something I really believe in and the results of the good work we’ve done in the past speak for themselves.

I’ve spoken extensively in the past about my work with the Napranum community. By focusing on a whole of community approach, we were able to run the Woman and Men of Worth programs side-by-side with incredible results.

The program saw a huge 80 per cent reduction in adult domestic violence by elders within the community.

I know this work doesn’t solve the domestic violence in a wider sense, but it’s a great starting point and it’s work that really inspires me.


We’re starting to see more and more organisations considering their social responsibility and I always encourage those interested to get in touch to have a chat as to how you can work alongside us to advance your company’s social responsibility agenda.




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