Whole of Community Change Approach in Cunnamulla

I just wanted to let you know quickly that I facilitated a meeting in Cunnamulla on Monday where local people took the first steps in creating a community-owned vision and blueprint for the future.

The meeting followed initial roundtable discussions in March where stakeholders delivered a mandate to progress strategies to improve social and health outcomes for the community.

There was a fantastic atmosphere and real excitement in the room. And if you’re wondering why people are holding their arms in a funny position in the photo below, this reflects: 

“spiritual growth when aligned to economic opportunity, provides the fundamental basis for social transformation.”

Here is a media release from Cunnamulla.

I’m looking forward to working with the community with my Whole of Community Change model. More exciting times ahead! I can’t wait!!

Cunnamulla is located about 750 kilometres west of Brisbane.

Whole of community change program

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