How do we shift away from the 3Ps – Paternalism, Prohibition and Penalty?

How do we shift away from the 3Ps - Paternalism, Prohibition and Penalty?My apologies for the delay in posting my next blog, but I’ve been away in Indonesia linking to strategic partners who are committed to shifting humanity in a positive way. I’m now in Cairns where I am having meetings. It’s been a busy time.

I just wanted to remind you of the web pages that David Clark of Sharing Culture posted about my work, Dreambuilding in Napranum. David and I are developing an exciting collaborative project and we’ve just had a long phone discussing the current state of affairs.

Anyway, I thought I’d highlight part of the web pages David posted, The Shift. This quote is taken from my TEDx talk in Cairns, which you can view below. Even if I say so myself, the talk is well-worth watching.

‘When I first started working with Indigenous communities… I didn’t know anything about Indigenous policy. I didn’t have any answers. And I thought, “How fantastic is that, I don’t know anything.”

So I was able to walk in with a completely blank canvas. And we were able to create and build this programme together.

Our wisdom lies in the questions that we ask, not in the answers we pretend to have. And so Whole of Community Change starts with those age-old questions: “Who am I?”, “What am I here for?” and “What’s deeply meaningful to me?”

To create this place of belonging, this is all about connection to mother nature. This is connection to our Land.

If this is a policy document that belongs to me, I have had a part in its co-creation. If I have had a part of its co-creation then I am going to take ownership of it, I’m going to love it, I’m going to nurture it, and I’ll take accountability…

But if this is a policy document that has been imposed on me and it affects my country, it affects my people, it impacts on the values of my family, how am I going to feel?

Disempowered, absolutely. Well, try 200 years of disempowerment!’

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