Focusing on gifts and assets

Focusing on gifts and assetsIn my last blog, entitled How do we shift away from the 3Ps – Paternalism, Prohibition and Penalty, I included an extract from my TEDx talk in Cairns.
Here is another extract from the talk which illustrates a further aspect of my philosophy of working and is a key component of my Whole of Community Change approach.

‘So to have that place of belonging is all about leaving a footprint in the sand. It’s about creating legacy.

Self-belief, imagine shifting self-doubt to self-belief. To be able wake up every morning and say, “Yes!” to life. To move yourself forward.

This is the one I love the most, to shift our conversations from problems to possibilities. Our communities are not problems to be solved. Our communities are full of gifts and assets.

Our children are not offenders. Our children are not ‘youth at risk’. Our children are young people. They are entrepreneurs who are just waiting to be asked to be discovered.

Let’s feed the gifts of community, rather than the deficiencies and needs.

Why are communities disengaged? What is the behaviour of sadness? It is disengagement, and why are communities disengaged? It is because they are constantly told they are wrong. Because they are constantly told they have a problem.’

So this about shifting from the root cause of failure to the root cause of success.’

You can learn more about my work in Napranum here. In addition, please check out the collaborative project that David Clark and I are developing.

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