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Maryann’s Story

Maryann's StoryHere is the speech I gave at the opening of the new library in Napranum, a library named after the Elder Maryann Coconut.

Today, we are here in gratitude for this wonderful event in the history of the people of Napranum.

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‘The Secret to SHIFT’

9923964“Everything you do has the power to change the world. We never know who will be touched by our words or inspired by our actions.”

Sometimes, your heart leads you to the least likely of places. My heart led me to one of the greatest SHIFTS in my professional life (more on that later).

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The Power of Listening

Hopevale CommunityIn my last blog, I described my first meeting with Estelle and Des Bowen. Over lots of cups of tea, they introduced me to their Indigenous world, of which I knew very little.

The Bowens invited me to their community, l thought for an informal conversation with friends and colleagues over a cup of tea.

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Discovering a New World

Discovering a New WorldMy journey began at a Christening in Cairns in mid-2009. I was to be godmother to a little girl.

Soon after the Christening, I was introduced to Estelle and Des Bowen. They took me to Des’s traditional land in Starkey and we spent the afternoon at a billabong talking about life and drinking tea from a billycan.

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My Background

6811957My life has certainly been one exciting journey since I started working in Indigenous communities in Queensland in 2009. Prior to that, I had spent 25 years working in the corporate world. Quite a change, I can tell you.

I’m now starting another adventure whilst I continue my community work.

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